You are in the right place!

If you are looking for a firm that:

  • helps you in brainstorming,
  • can be commissioned with planning, buying or manufacturing the necessary equipment,
  • implements the event in a professional way,
  • and does all of this in a way that the partner’s budget is taken into consideration.

Well, don’t look any further, this is how we do things by default.

After consulting the partner, such colleagues take part in the brainstorming who are highly experienced but their thinking managed to stay playful enough to conjure up fresh ideas.

In the implementation phase we can select from a wide range of tools (e.g. games, sports equipment, giant toys, etc.) which can make the event more colourful, be it an outdoor event, an indoor event, a children’s event or a programme for adults.

Sound, lighting and stage solutions, special installations, personnel, transportation, special games, etc. – we organise and operate all of the above. You don’t have to worry about coordinating and supervising the work of dozens of subcontractors: finally you can lay back and relax when at the event.

Contact us if you would like to organise:

  • a team building programme,
  • a conference,
  • a family day,
  • a roadshow,
  • a party for partners / a customer event or
  • an end-of-the-year event.
  • Your company would like to participate in a trade fair or in an open event.
  • You need special attention raising tools.
  • You are looking for a technical service provider for your event.

Contact us and try our services!