Why use our promotional services?

  • Trial generation is of key importance when introducing a new product.
  • You can increase sales of your products with hostess promotion.
  • Because you need someone who helps your products to end up in shoppers’ baskets.

Why choose us?

We work with both housewife-type and ‘supermodel’-type hostesses who always have a smile on their face; if you need it, we can provide you with hostesses who speak fluent English or German.

We undertake all related administrative tasks.

Every day we electronically process the information gathered.

22 supervisors are responsible for the work performance of our merchandisers all over the country.

Our hostesses work in the stores of Auchan, Metro, Interspar and Tesco, at shopper events, product presentations and other programmes.

What is our secret?

Our hostesses are genuinely kind, they never stop smiling, they are experienced and they care.

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