Why do you need merchandising services?

  • To make your product available on store shelves at all times and to avoid the loss generated by your product being out of stock.
  • To have a better shelf presence than your competitors’ products.
  • Not to have expired products on store shelves.
  • Because your sales representatives create greater value if they sell instead of replenishing shelves.
  • Because you would like to receive up-to-date information from hypermarkets.

Why choose us?

  • We can cut down on your company’s out of stock and in many cases we can increase your share of shelf space.
  • We are present in Auchan, Insterspar, Tesco and Metro stores and in Hungarian-owned retail chains.
  • We have assigned merchandisers who work at least 6-8 hours a day in the store.
  • We use planograms.
  • Every day we electronically process the information gathered.
  • 22 supervisors are responsible for the work performance of our merchandisers all over the country.

What is our secret?

  • Our merchandisers know the ins and outs of their work and we control and supervise their work to the best of our abilities.
  • Because we ’cause no fuss’.
  • These are the reasons why our partners are satisfied with us!

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