What are the advantages of sales outsourcing?

You can cut costs in the long run or temporarily and you can take your products to those stores which are not visited by your sales representatives.

You don’t need a permanent sales team – perhaps it wouldn’t be worth it for you to employ full-time sales representatives.

Due to the seasonal character of certain products you may have to cover a greater number of stores in given periods and your sales representatives don’t have the capacity for this.

It could well be the case that you only need ‘half’ a sales rep. We even have a solution for that…

Why choose us?

In accordance with the needs of our partners we visit Coop, CBA and Reál stores, small independent shops, hypermarkets, Horeca units, pharmacies, DIY stores and other store types.

We do all related administrative work and our sales representatives send daily reports from their PDAs. Data can be accessed online in our web interface at any time of the day.

We use GPS technology to monitor the whereabouts of our sales reps and in addition to this supervisors check their work all over the country.

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